Serving the Region’s Commercial Fueling Needs

No matter what type of fuel your business, farm or government location requires, Kehm/Golden Oil Company can provide and deliver the fuels to meet your specific needs.

We carry a wide range and many grades of on- and off-road diesel and gasoline for every industrial and commercial application, and we are able to service remote locations or temporary job sites. We can also provide dual walled storage tanks, along with high speed pumping systems, which, depending on the circumstance, may be provided at no additional cost to our customers. We even provide bulk oil and lubricant dispensing systems at no cost.

Commercial Fueling Services

Our impressive line of commercial products and services includes:

  • Diesel Fuel (both on- and off-road)
  • 3 Grades of Unleaded Gasoline (87, 89 & 93)
  • Industrial Biodiesel
  • Complete Line of Shell (Rotella) Oil and Lubricants
  • Golden Oil Brand Oils and Lubricants
  • Sunoco Oil and Lubricants
  • Loaned Equipment Programs
  • Equipment Sales
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Used Oil Analysis
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Diesel Fuel Additives
  • Premium Diesel Fuel
  • Daily Price Service
  • Diesel Fuel Pre-Buying
  • Tank Charts
  • Storage Tank and Pumping Systems
  • Marine Lubricants
  • Diesel Fuel Analysis
  • DOT-Approved Plastic Totes
To learn more about Kehm/Golden Oil Company’s many products, brands and services, call us at (412) 921-5200 or (724) 693-9800.

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