Maritime Services

Certified Maritime Services

You already know that Kehm/Golden Oil Company keeps your vehicles and equipment running smoothly on land. But you might not know that we specialize in maritime applications, too.

Kehm/Golden Oil Company is proud to be U.S. Coast Guard certified as a mobile transfer agent on water. Whether you’re filling or transporting oils and lubricants for tug boats, cranes on barges, bridges, etc., the experienced, dedicated team at Kehm/Golden Oil Company is here to service all of your maritime needs.

Maritime Services

Best of all, we offer 24-hour dispatch for maritime fueling.

Fuel Your Non-Road Transportation and Machinery with Kehm/Golden Oil Company!

  • River Boat Fueling (both on- and off-shore)
  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • Fueling on Barges
  • MRLM Diesel Fuel

OurTrusted Oil & Lubricant Brands:

  • Shell Oil and Lubricants
  • Golden Oil (our house brand)
  • Sunoco
  • Shell Rotella
  • Shell Caprinus (zinc-free)
  • Shell Naturelle (synthetic ester)

To learn more about Kehm/Golden Oil Company’s many products, brands and maritime services, call:

Alan Conoscuito
412-670-0231 (cell)

Jerry Kehm
412-670-0232 (cell)

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To learn more, call us at (412) 921-5200 or (724) 693-9800.

Our Trusted Oil & Lubricant Brands